Finance Programs in Concordia University, Montreal

Finance programs

Students enrolled in Concordia University are free to choose from different finance programs and majors, from accountancy and management to international business, finance, and economics.

Bachelor’s Degrees and Certificates

Students pursuing a degree in economics learn about basic concepts such as economic growth, sustainability, taxes, social services, budget deficits, and a lot more. The curriculum covers a number of core courses such as natural resource economics, public sector economics, econometrics, and economics of the environment, among others. Students enrolled in an accountancy program take different core courses, including business law and ethics, introduction to finance, managerial accounting, business technology management, and analysis of markets. They learn and master essential skills to analyze and prepare financial statements and solve complex problems. Students enrolled in an accountancy program also master quantitative skills, budgeting and accounting skills, and critical and strategic thinking. Those who opt for a finance program also master essential skills to assess risk factors, analyze investment products and opportunities, and more. Students are free to choose from different areas and fields, including international finance, derivatives, financial institutions, investments, and corporate finance. The curriculum covers subjects such as productions/operations management, marketing management, organizational behavior and theory, business statistics, and contemporary business thinking. There are other finance-oriented programs to look into, for example, international business. Students take core courses such as management of multinational corporations, environment of world business, sustainable management, and international financial management. They learn more about globalization, international organizations, the global economy, and international public law. Students also learn how to deal with culturally sensitive issues and legal and banking issues.

A degree in management is yet another option to learn more about small business management, workplace planning, health and safety at the workplace, and human resource management. Students develop and master key skills such as problem solving, budgeting, teamwork, decision making, and conflict resolution. A marketing degree is also offered to learn about consumer choices and master personal-selling and communication skills. Students learn how to identify and solve marketing problems and take a number of core and marketing courses to this end. The list of courses includes environment of world business, marketing channels, consumer behavior, and product strategy and innovation. Finally, a degree in mathematical and computational finance offers students the chance to master essential modelling and computational techniques to enable them to price energy, loans, securities, bonds, and other assets. The curriculum covers courses such as time series and forecasting, analysis of markets, and mathematical and computational finance.

Graduate Programs

The Concordia University also offers graduate programs such as chartered professional accountancy, business administration, entrepreneurship, economics, and finance. There are Master’s and PhD programs. A degree in economics, for example, allows students to manage, plan, and work on a research project. They take courses such as experimental economics, risk management, labor economics, monetary economics, and game theory, and more. A degree in business administration is also an excellent choice, whether you choose a PhD, Graduate Diploma, or Certificate program. The university also offers a degree in management to prepare students for different work settings and positions in areas such as strategic planning, change management, and human resources. The curriculum covers courses such as research methodology, applied linear statistical models, and specialized seminars. A degree in marketing is also a good choice to master key tools, skills, and theories and pursue a career in the field of marketing research, communications, product development, or brand management. The program also prepares students for advanced research at the PhD level.