Most people actually don’t know this. Marjory Douglas, also known as the “Mother of the Everglades” once said, “The Everglades is a test. Who doesn't love being #1? 954-434-8111 - 21940 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33332 - Sign-up to receive Park News, Special Event Info, Exclusive Discount Offers and more... 954-434-8111 At the time, people were fascinated with the large number of wading birds that nested in the Everglades each year. What I love most about the Everglades is their naturalness. 0 0 1. Why is it important to protect wetlands and swamps such as Florida's Everglades? A wetland of international importance, the Everglades is one of the last natural environments in the United States where families can enjoy sightseeing, adventure and more. Reconnecting the flow of freshwater from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades, where it can replenish our drinking water aquifer, hydrate the River of Grass and restore a healthy balance to Florida Bay, is precisely what Everglades restoration is about. // --> According to a 10-year study conducted by the Institute for Regional Conservation, of more than 760 plants studied in Everglades National Park, nearly 60 are critically imperiled. YOU have an important role to play in preventing the spread and establishment of exotic species. Extensive efforts were initiated in the 1990s to protect the Everglades from further degradation caused by phosphorus: farmers have implemented best management practices to reduce phosphorus before the water leaves the farm Being mindful of the products you purchase is the first step to the 3 R’s. The reservoir will store and treat water before sending it south to the Everglades National Park and Florida Bay, where it is needed most. Its wetlands and wildlife draw large numbers of birders, anglers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The Everglades is a unique treasure found in South Florida. It’s a great day to be a Floridian. Why You Should Care About Everglades Restoration 10/25/2013 05:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 This week, the U.S House of Representatives passed a bill to move forward several Everglades restoration projects. There aren’t many landscapes as spectacular in America as the Florida Everglades. With Gov. There are black bears in the Everglades. Asked by Wiki User. The Clean Water Act was created to limit how much phosphorus can be … Everglades National Park was authorized by Congress in 1934 to preserve the subtropical ecosystem and everything that lives within it. The establishment of the park marked the first time federal land was set aside for its abundance of diverse plant and animal species rather than for … State of Being. You … ','d','i','d','g','a','m','e','n','"','h','s','r','"','h','f','v','m','i','l','r','p','a','e','d','l','a','o','e','s','>','"','r','o','l','f','o','o','<','p','k','r',' ','c','a','i','h','m',':','a','=','/','@','s','=','l','g','a','m','i','a','a','n','t','i','e','d','>','o','. Homestead, FL But perhaps the most important one was just announced in the acquisition of land by Florida. The Everglades. 954-434-8111 Ext 102, 7 Days a Week: We open at 9AM (Rain or Shine)Tours are 60-mins in length, departing every 20-mins.Last boat departs at 4:00PM SHARP, EVERGLADES HOLIDAY PARK ® 2020 - FLORIDA'S MOST EXCITING NATURAL ATTRACTION 954-434-8111 Everglades is but one of hundreds of national park units throughout the United States. 954-434-8111 Better water quality will support tourism, recreation, and wildlife, and protect the Everglades for future generations. Once they are established, removal becomes much, much harder. click to enlarge. It consists of 1.5 million acres of saw grass marshes, mangrove forests, and hardwood hammocks dominated by wetlands. Even when you are not using them, they are emitting heat and using power, contributing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Many conservation efforts have taken place to protect the Everglades. Why or why not? Then ask how many have heard of the Florida Everglades. If we pass it, we get to keep the planet”. First of all, they are one of the state’s biggest tourist attractions. If action is not taken to protect these plants, we will lose them forever. When the natural systems around us are overly disturbed through development or resource extraction, our lives are also be affected. The governor’s action was applauded by environmental groups, who had opposed Kanter’s plans to drill. We need to save the Everglades quickly because it helps protect South Florida’s drinking water and can limit hurricane damage View photos of assessment activities on Flickr. Answer. Protect the Everglades by keeping your electronic devices off and unplugged when touring the Everglades. Although the Everglades is important for our wildlife, it impacts the residents of Florida, too! If so, what (if anything) is special about them? Protect the Water Storage. Extensive efforts were initiated in the 1990s to protect the Everglades from further degradation caused by phosphorus: farmers have implemented best management practices to reduce phosphorus before the water leaves the farm By doing this, restoration also cuts the wasteful and harmful high-volume discharge of water from Lake Okeechobee to the east and west coasts. Some of these reasons are based on my own experience living within the ecosystem itself, while other tidbits I collected from park rangers, sanctuaries, and volunteers when I was in college. Airboat captains typically encourage no cell phone use during Everglades airboat tours, for distraction and safety purposes. An impressive collection of nationally and internationally significant resources is protected within its boundaries, including the largest stand of sawgrass prairie in North America, the largest protected mangrove forest in the northern hemisphere, the vast estuary of Florida Bay, and cultural resources chronicling approximately 10,000 years of human history. With countless species of animals, many endangered or threatened, it’s easy to see why so many groups, both private and public … 954-434-8111 Ext 102 The Florida Everglades covers 2 million acres and is home to over 350 species of wildlife. * BACKGROUND The Florida Everglades have been designated an International Biosphere Reserve (1976), an official Wilderness (1978), a World Heritage Site (1979), and a Wetland of International Importance … Why Is Protecting The Everglades So Important? Everglades National Park was authorized by Congress in 1934 to preserve the subtropical ecosystem and everything that lives within it. Conserving and protecting the Ecosystem and its wildlife is a top priority. An impressive aquatic ecosystem covering more than 18,000 square miles, the Florida Everglades is a natural marvel. As human animals, we do not exist independently of the natural systems around us. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; You've probably heard this saying for as long as you can remember, but it’s important to recycle as much as you can. As a protected wilderness area, the construction of roads and buildings are forbidden, thus deeming the Everglades a massive natural area where its inhabitants can flourish. Everglades protection efforts also extend to water supply and estuaries, which benefit greatly by restoring the systems that are in place for water storage in the Everglades. The best way to manage waste is not to produce it. The mission of the National Park Service is to conserve the natural and historical objects inside parks, while leaving them unimpaired for the enjoyment of present and future generations. A lot of people, when planning a vacation to the Everglades, choose to experience Everglades National Park, which is a protected area of the Everglades where plants, animals, birds, and fish are protected and conserved. 5.